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I usually respond within 24 hours of receiving your email. 

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Your Appointment: 

Please arrive on time. If you're more than 15 minutes late and I have not heard from you, I will assume you are not coming. Let me know when you have arrived or are looking for parking and I will gladly guide you in! Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early. 


I understand from time to time life can get in the way. If you need to reschedule or are running a little late please let me know as soon possible. Update me with your expected ETA and I will do my best to accommodate. 


 Please leave the envelope on the counter within the first 15 minutes of your arrival. 

Good Hygiene:

Dirty anything - especially mouths & fingers are unacceptable. Please make sure that you arrive freshly showered & shaved (where it counts). Please have clean hands and short fingernails.  Washrooms here are fully equipped for your pampering!


Surrey, BC, Canada

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