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Surrey, BC, Canada

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Just Some Simple Guidelines

Upon Arrival:

Please be on time.  Once we have agreed on a time please text me that you are on your way whenever you leave your location.  If you are running early please do not contact me more than 5 minutes ahead of our scheduled time.  After you are parked and we have established correspondence I will give you the door number.  Even if you have visited before, please text me that you "have  parked" and wait for me to invite you to the door.

If you are running early you can try to text, email or call to see about my ability to start earlier

If you are running late please let me know and if I am able to move your session back without taking time off the top I would be happy to accommodate you.  However, if I have a prior engagement scheduled after our rendezvous, unfortunately I will not be able to do so. We will have to stick to the times that we were originally booked.  If I don't hear from you within 15 minutes of our scheduled time I will assume that you have cancelled.

Remember on time is sexy.


Please leave the donation on the counter within the first 5 minutes of your arrival. Then, I will escort you to the washroom to freshen up before your session.

Good Hygiene:

Being clean is paramount to having a wonderful time together. I take time to make sure I am freshly showered and prepared for our time together and expect the same from you. This Includes having clean hands and short trimmed finger nails. If kissing is something you are inclined to enjoy, please don't forget oral hygiene as well! Washrooms at my lovely home are fully equipped with mouth wash, soaps and shaving utensils if you so require.  Showering upon arrival is a must, and I am happy to join you if you like.  The cleaner you are the dirtier we can be.


If I have no prior engagements after our scheduled rendezvous, I will be more than happy to extend our visit. Unfortunately, I cannot always guarantee this option and do prefer to  know ahead of time the duration of our time together. If I can make it work, we will make it work! I  always try to be as sensual and accomodating was possible.

Discretion & Privacy : 

I respect your boundaries & private life.  I expect the same hospitality from you. If I see you in public, I might smile & wave  if I know you are 100% alone. However, I will never approach you. Please, if we run into each other in the real world I need to request the utmost discretion and that we not approach each other. This is an absolute boundary which cannot be overstepped.


Sometimes, things get heated in the bedroom. Occasionally people may tend to get carried away. If this situation arises and I have to repeat "please stop that" or "no" more than 2 times, you will not be invited back.

​These rules are in place to ensure my safety and comfort and that we both have a wonderful time together.