Unfortunately, my circumstances are now such that I am unable to cater to "quickie", I just think its too rushed and near-impossible to get to know each other in such a small amount of time. That being said, priority will be given to longer bookings as I love to wine and dine and truly be together and enjoy the girlfriend experience. 


Same day appointments are a challenge for me to accommodate. If my schedule happens to allow, I will be. happy to! That being said, I typically check my emails for booking requests around 10:00 a.m. I try to check emails a frequently as possible but sometimes I may not see your email until the next morning depending when you send it and how busy I am. 

For both of our sakes, please don't expect same day appointments. If we can pull it off - AMAZING. To avoid any potential disappointment may I suggest you give us a window of approximately 24-48 hrs before you session and sending your booking request. 


If we are meeting for the first time, may I suggest  the  90 Minutes Meet & Greet. I enjoy this option as it allows us the opportunity to discuss your preferences and get to know each other briefly before heading up to my little room of desires.

 If I don't personally know you as a real person, a $50 deposit is required after schedules have been confirmed.

Naturally, we can overlook these formalities at our next get together but because I make myself unavailable for other appointments and the amount of bailers and time-wasters out there, it has to be like this.

Meet & Greet!

90 Minutes


New Friends Meet & Greet

A Quick lil' Taste of Honey

1 Hour


Couples (MF)+ $200

A Dip in the Honey Jar

2 Hours


Extended Escapade

3 Hours


Honey Delight

4 Hours/6Hours


Just Can't Get Enough!

8 Hours 


A Full Pot 

12  Hours


Honey, Nutz & O's

24 Hours


FLY ME TO YOU: Email with your inquiry, but first please check out the screening page!

***Please note*** All over night  get togethers require 8 hours of beauty rest.  Encounters 4 hours and longer require some outing  (meal, cocktail, coffee, SPAAAAAA ;)).


Surrey, BC, Canada

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